jAlbum Turtle skin

Turtle 5’s new features

Turtle 5 comes with dozens of new features, like the improved shopping experience with bulk ordering and coupon codes, or the new feedback tool, still many of them is behind the scenes, like the substantially reworked touch event handling, which brings a much smoother mobile experience.

The User interface has received a major facelift too in an effort to gather all the pieces to the most expected places. The documentation will be refreshed soon accordingly, which was lagging behind recently.

Select multiple images

  • Give your users the possibility to select multiple images and let them send feedback or purchase in bulk.
  • You can select images one-by-one (also in slide mode), all / none with dedicated buttons, or by double-clicking on a checkbox to toggle all.
  • By clicking the “Send feedback” button visitors can easily add comments to the selected photos, and then all the feedback will be sent to the default mail application. To make it work just add your email in the Social / Feedback / Your email box. Please note, the protocol that passes the mail content to the maill application does not allow more than a certain number of characters (~ 20 images). Exceeding that limit Turtle will warn you.

Shopping cart

  • Bulk ordering. Let your visitors order loads of images in a few clicks. No need to go through the album and add images one-by-one. Note, no images with custom shop options or individual discount amounts can be ordered this way!
  • Global discount rate. You can apply a global discount rate to the whole album — as you can see, a 20% discount is already added in this album.
  • Discount coupons. On top of global discount, you can give out discount coupons for selected users. Try the “secret” coupon code — “YAY” — to get a stunning 50% discount! You can define as many codes as you want in your albums. Turtle will check the value and pick the biggest discount for the visitors. See Selling photos / Discount rate and Shop coupons. Please note, no discount is applied on the shipping and handling fees!
  • Besides the discount rate you can give users fixed amount discounts codes, which can be used only once. Try “5OFF” for example. Please note, as Turtle doesn´t maintain a database of the used coupons and users, it can only refuse using the same code again while the user is using the same browser, within 24 hours.
  • Optional non-linear shipping: separate fee for the first and the subsequential items. Use “Option=10.0+2.0+1.0” — where the first amount is the price, the second is the shipping of the first, and the last is the shipping for the additional items.
  • The shopping cart used here is linked to my sandbox account — you can´t buy anything for real — so you can safely discover the shopping cart.

New design features

  • New styles: Wood Light (this album) and Ricepaper. You can even modify the wood (or paper) color with the Design / Background color setting.
  • Texture overlay on the theme images. Adding texture on theme images can make your albums even more exciting and mitigate the occasional readability problems. What you see in this album for example is not a photoshopped image — just a simple photo from the album blurred and overlaid with a texture by the skin. Turtle also takes care if the theme is light or dark and lightens or darkens the theme image accordingly. Choose one from the 9 available patterns (Cardboard, Circles, Dots, GPlay, Linen, Paper, Pinstripe, Tiles, Wood) in the Theme image / Design section. You can even have a plain flat color instead of the usual folder image.
  • “Unboxed” sharing buttons. Show the sharing buttons right below the header and gain more attention through the networking effect. Social / Sharing / Placement = Unboxed
  • Dark modal window theme. You can now select the modal window theme to your taste. By default Turtle will use light for light styles and dark for darks with the Design / Modal window theme = auto setting, but you can choose whichever you like.
  • Link to previous / Next folders. It´s lot easier to navigate between folders if you don´t have to go up and down every time you reach the end of a folder. To show these useful links on index pages just turn on Site / Link neighboring folders. Visitors can also jump to the first image in the next neighboring folder when they reach the last picture viewing the slide pages. Use Images / After the last image = Next folder
  • Rounded corners on images (optional)
  • New headline fonts: Abel, Lobster 2, Marvel, Yanone Kaffeesatz regular, body font: Candara

New photos collected

  • Check out the “New Photos” custom page, a neat collection of recently added images. The visitors can share and Like this page just like any other album page, and can easily overview the changes made recently. To add this page just right click between the thumbnails in jAlbum and choose New page → NewPhotos.htt. If you double-click “NewPhotos.htt” you can enter the number of days treated as new.
  • Visitors can even order or send feedback on these images just like on any other album page.
  • A link will be added to every thumbnail (read “Original folder”) that takes you to the original location in the album.
  • Note, this collection is “static” — that is this page will always show the same collection, regardless of the date — not like the “Search for new images” feature, which decides if a photo is new comparing against the current date.

Even more new features…

  • Disqus commenting. Easy to set up, just sign up, enter the site ID on Social / Commenting / Disqus page, and you´ll be able to manage all the message boards through your dashboard.
  • Smoother swipe action on mobile devices, and improved touch support on Windows phones and Surface devices.
  • You can hide the “Fit screen / 1:1” button, see Advanced panel.
  • Support for secure pages (https://)
  • Logo filter, find under the new Filters tab.
  • Added font selection to Watermark filter.
  • For the full list of the new features, fixes and changes see the About tab, or visit Turtle skin page and click the Show all button.

By the way, do you know this album was made completely with Turtle skin? No follow-up editing, no tricks or anything. You can import its settings with the File → Import → Settings from published album menu and paste this URL:
Naturally, for the social functions to work you will have to fill in your ID’s in the appropriate settings.

I hope you will enjoy Turtle 5 as much as I enjoyed developing it.