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Today, with the help of the internet we are able to largely simplify things when it comes to exchanging virtual goods. No mediators needed to find the product you need, no venture capitalists, no pension funds, no Goldman Sachs. It’s just you and me – the one who invents, creates things and the other who utilize it. Can’t be more simple. This model ensures that you only pay for what you get, at the lowest possible price. This is almost $0 – but only “almost”. I spend my time with development and support, and have to pay taxes, my office space, the hosting and so on. What would you say, paying just $1 would be fair? You know if every user who is using my skins and plugins would pay just $1, that would cover my expenses and living. But unfortunately the technical possibilities are not yet there to operate an app-store on my site, so I’d suggest you to think over if my work brought you “goodness” enough to support my efforts with as less as some bucks or euros. Such small donations from people like you make this site roll, and let everyone access precious content. Furthermore, to express my gratitude I will send you some “extra”, see below.

Support jAlbum skin development

If you donate at least €15 you will receive a serial by which you’ll be able to remove the back links, and nag screen from the generated albums in Turtle and Chameleon albums (more skins to come).

Support jQuery plugin development

You will receive a web icon package with more than 100 icons as transparent PNG’s. Also in PSD (vector) format.

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I will send you a hand-crafted “thank you” email.

No Paypal? No problem. You can easily pay with any ordinary credit card. Look for the Don’t have a PayPal account? section on the left.

Please note, I don’t sell products here – they are free (or bond to jAlbum licensing) – the donation goes for the future development and support.

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