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The home of my jAlbum skins: Turtle, Tiger, Photoblogger, etc.

Download Chameleon skin

Download Chameleon.jaskin Double click the downloaded file to install! Sample album All skin styles Usage Chameleon skin is free for both personal and commercial projects. Chameleon 4.6.7 Fixed Compatibility issues with jAlbum 10.3 Missing skin.properties.file (continuous update attempts) Note: this version is using a call, replaces the deprecated one, which requires jAlbum 10.3 or newer

Sell your products with the help of Turtle skin

You might’ve missed it, but Turtle skin can be used to sell your photos or products too. To use this option you need to hold a Pro license or a Power storage account with jAlbum. Although the payment is routed through Paypal or Google Checkout, your customers don’t need to be signed up with these […]

Screen resolutions desktop background image

Download ScreenResolutionsBg.png If you are a web designer, like me, you possibly often find your self wondering how your newly-designed webpage would look on different screen sizes. This lead me to make this practical screen background, by which testing the different screen resolutions is a snap: just adjust the browser size to the background grid. […]

Textures I – Nature

Download all textures-nature.zip 42 MB Here are 16 of my pictures. You can use them for free both for personal and commercial purposes. I hope you will like them. Enjoy! Usage Legal: You can use this in your private and commercial projects but not allowed to redistribute it.

AddSwipe plugin

Download addswipe.zip Visit the project’s GitHub Repo With this plugin you can add swipe action to a layer, and render actions for the left and right swipe move gesture. Works with mouse and touchscreen uniformly. You can also set it up to snap to grid, e.g. window width or a fraction of the width. Syntax […]

AddScroll plugin

Download addscroll.zip Visit the project’s GitHub Repo This plugin will add a vertical scrollbar to a layer which has content deeper than its container parent. It will watch if the window has resized, and adjusts itself. The content can be scrolled on devices with touch interface too. Syntax $(layer).addScroll({ options });

AddHint plugin

Download addhint.zip Visit the project’s GitHub Repo With this plugin you can display tooltips on hovering an element. You are not limited to simple texts. You can use HTML formatting even in the title attribute. Or you can generate the content by javascript and pass to the plugin. The content can be aligned to the […]

AlignTo plugin

Download alignto.zip Visit the project’s GitHub Repo This plugin does nothing else but – as you might have guessed – aligns an absolutely positioned layer relative to another. You can choose which corner of the layer to align to the target’s which corner. As easy as can. Syntax $(layer).alignTo(target, { options });

Adding and updating translations in jAlbum

Making localized version of a skin is pretty easy in jAlbum. First make sure you are using the language: Tools -> Preferences -> Language and if using the latest skin version (http://jalbum.net/skins/). jAlbum has its own translation tool since version 8.11. Just fire up Tools -> Translator -> Translate selected skin if no translation exists […]

Add music to site

With this addon for JAlbum you can easily add a flash mp3 player to your gallery or any other site. Compile the playlist, customize it’s layout, press a button, and your site is ready.

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