jAlbum Turtle skin

Facebook commenting in Turtle

Turtle skin received quite a few new features recently, still I think it’s not too hard to pinpoint which will be the most popular: Facebook commenting. Yes, even though you can create sophisticated albums with jAlbum & Turtle, Facebook is the place your friends, family or clients (you name it) hang around. With this new tool your friends not only get notified of your fine new album, but they can comment on it instantly, and you’ll get notified of their comments right off. They can also choose to share their comments on their Facebook wall. This will make it possible to reach 100’s of people in no time. This little tutorial will show you how to add Facebook commenting to your albums.

Facebook Commenting Sample Album

Click to see the album in a new window!

Create your album with Facebook commenting!

In order you can manage your Facebook Commenting app you will need to create a new App on Facebook. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds – don’t worry, no need for coding – just give it a name and you’re good to go. Here’s the link to Facebook Apps, or you can simply click the Sign up link on Turtle’s settings window and go to Apps.

Now that Facebook has created an app for you can simply copy the App ID (see below) to jAlbum’s appropriate box. The default comments to show is 3, but you can change it to whatever you like. This is not the total number of comments to show, only the number of comments shown in the initial view. The visitors can expand it always if they want to see more.

Create new App

Copy App ID

Paste into Turtle

Create new App API key Settings panel

Make the album and Upload to your site! Note, you cannot test Facebook commenting on the local Preview version, because that’s not visible from the outside.