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Chameleon 4.6.7


  • Compatibility issues with jAlbum 10.3
  • Missing (continuous update attempts)

Note: this version is using a call, replaces the deprecated one, which requires jAlbum 10.3 or newer


Chameleon 4.6.6 Jan 3, 2012 Chameleon_v466F.jaskin


  • Compatibility problems with jAlbum 10.3

Chameleon 4.6.5 Sep 23, 2011 Chameleon_v465F.jaskin


  • A character encoding bug (degree sign) which affected both the User interface GPS data format select box, and the ability to display Maps correctly in the album.

Chameleon 4.6.4 Sep 20, 2011 Chameleon_v464F.jaskin


  • Guestbook did not work
  • Removed incorrect version warning

Chameleon 4.6.3 Oct 28, 2010 Chameleon_v463F.jaskin


  • Left and right arrow keys didn’t work in Safari
  • Credit links now open in a new window (i.e. not leaving the current album)
  • Version number is fixed to avoid continuous skin update notifications
  • Sorry for those who have downloaded before 11.05. – the version uploaded was the bundle version which has less styles. Install again to fix.

Chameleon 4.6.2 Mar 18, 2010 Chameleon_v462F.jaskin


  • Exception when trying to get the 35mm focal length equivalent with no camera name.
  • Guestbook did not initialize properly, remained black in some cases.

Chameleon 4.6.1 Mar 12, 2010 Chameleon_v461F.jaskin


  • Fixing the bug with broken album generation when using pictures holding no Exif data
  • Iptc.Sub-location is added as checked Location data. (Works only if Iptc.Location is empty.)

Chameleon 4.6 Mar 11, 2010 Chameleon_v46F.jaskin

Please note, this version requires at least Jalbum 8.7!

New feature

  • You can open originals in new window
  • Index / Slide page link lists can be both at top and bottom
  • Exclude Backlinks Jalbum feature supported for paid accounts
  • Handles individually selected include originals
  • Better handling of fileTitle
  • focalLength35mm Jalbum variable takes precedence over the calculated value
  • Nikon Exif Lens value read
  • Googlemaps map is centered around the real GPS location, not the nearest interesting place, as Google thinks it should
  • Spanish, korean, icelandic translation – renewed french and dutch, thanks for all the translators

Chameleon 4.5.6 Dec 5, 2008 Chameleon_v456F.jaskin


  • When “Link to originals” or “Link to originals to scaled images” were selected with “Copy originals” turned off you got a broken link on the original page, seeing only the filename.


  • Movie frame size will be adjusted with the player controller size, thus no gap above and below can be seen.
  • In version v4.54 and 4.55 of Chameleon you needed to turn “Include originals” on if you wanted to have a link to originals with “Link to originals”or “Link to originals to scaled images” linking scheme. Now Chameleon adds the links on the slide pages even for images with “Include original” unselected. Now “Include original” is important only in “Link to scaled-down images only” linking scheme.

Chameleon 4.5.5 Dec 4, 2008 Chameleon_v455F.jaskin

in version 4.5.4:


  • Movie playback blocked in 4.54 is fixed
  • If you downloaded 4.5.4 before or you have received it with Jalbum 8.1 before 2008-12-05 this update is highly suggested.

Chameleon version 4.5.4:

New feature

  • New “Jump to picture top” option to scroll down every slide page to the top of the main picture when you browse through the album. Practical when you in need of more vertical space.
  • Added support for Jalbum’s new picture by picture “Include original” feature.


  • The original image will open in the same window and not in a popup as previously did.

Chameleon 4.5.4 Dec 3, 2008 Chameleon_v454F.jaskin

New feature

  • New “Jump to picture top” option to scroll down every slide page to the top of the main picture when you browse through the album. Practical when you in need of more vertical space.
  • Added support for Jalbum’s new picture by picture “Include original” feature.


  • The original image will open in the same window and not in a popup as previously did.
  • Note: Chameleon version 4.54 had a bug with originalImage button which was bundled in Jalbum8.1 and you downloaded before 2008-12-03 13:00. Download this (Full) version to fix that bug.

Chameleon 4.5.3 Sep 8, 2008 Chameleon_v453F.jaskin

New feature

  • New option to control the depth of blog style layout – instead of the old ‘Only at top’ option.


  • Failing to genarate Custom Paypal shopping cart bug (with missing email and shopping option fields on User Interface) has been fixed.


  • Jalbum widget support has changed since 08/09/2008. In order to run the keyboard navigation of Chameleon and Commenting widget on the same album you need to upgrade your albums with this skin version, otherwise these two will interfere.

Chameleon 4.5.2 Aug 21, 2008 Chameleon_v452F.jaskin

  • Service release
  • Bugfix: Scripting error with ‘enableMousewheel’ fixed
  • Updated: Swedish and Danish tranlations

Chameleon 4.5.1 Aug 19, 2008 Chameleon_v451F.jaskin

New feature

  • The breadcrumb trail can be aligned left, right or center.


  • URLencoding for link to originals in image navigation was missing when ‘URL-encode links’ was selected, now added
  • Guestbook Flash invoked with wmode=”opaque” – which is the correct way – has a bug in handling international keyboard layouts. Now the wmode parameter has been removed.
  • Guestbook has a PHP error when the email notification was turned on, now fixed


  • The mousewheel navigation is OFF by default

Chameleon 4.5.0 Jul 18, 2008 Chameleon_v450F.jaskin

New feature

  • Mouse wheel navigation on slide pages.
  • XMP fields added
  • Metadata scouting feature
  • The new File Title field added
  • Zoom in / Zoom out feature on the originals page.
  • Lithuaninan translation added thanks to Thomas Sakalauskas
  • New style Aqua added with 6 additional substyles
  • Enable / disable control for keyboard and mouse wheel navigation


  • The movie background color taken from the base style when using a substyle bug fixed
  • Focus 35mm equivalent did not appear using some camera types bug fixed
  • On some browsers (like Safari) Chameleon could not figure out the background and text color for guestbook at the time the page was loaded, so they displayed the guestbook with black letters on black background. Now guestbook is using white letters in this case.
  • Chameleon’s Keyboard navigation took over the control when using the Widgets bug is fixed.
  • The underscores are correctly replaced with spaces in Folder names.

Chameleon 4.4.1 May 7, 2008 Chameleon_441F.jaskin

New feature

  • Guestbook updated to version 2.2
  • ‘Add comment’ graphics has changed (to a pencil) to make it more hintful
  • Guestbook will use the time and date format used in Jalbum. You can set up it here: Settings / Advanced / Date format. If none specified MM/dd/yy HH:mm will be used by default.
  • Added Entries per page setting for the guestbook.
  • Guestbook can be included on pages either on top or bottom position.
  • Paypal can be positioned above or below the main content too.
  • Custom Paypal has been improved a lot and you don’t need to modify index.htt and slide.htt anymore


  • Paypal ordering had problems (UTF-encoded Item name) when the folder or filename contained characters not in Western character set.
  • Custom paypal ordering didn’t add the handling fee.
  • another FLV movie bug fixed – this time the movies from the top level folder were corrupted. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Bugfix in 4.41:
  • A bug causing JavaScripts error on the index page has been fixed
  • FLV player “Buffering” text is removed for it was still on the video after started playing.
  • Please note, that from this version on, there will be 2 versions of Chameleon:
  • Full version which contains all the styles and sub-styles – here you will find the full version.
  • Bundle version which contains 22 styles – which comes with Jalbum installation.
  • (This was necessary to keep Jalbum download size small.)

Chameleon 4.3.2 Feb 24, 2008

New feature

  • Starting slideshow from the index page
  • Soft: Beige, Green, Red, Yellow substyles
  • Added custom paypal shopping solution (includes/


  • GPS coordinates got corrected in JAlbum required a small correction in Chameleon too
  • Guestbook did not work in certain circumstances from subfolders.
  • Filtering of linebreaks in titles (the small labels popup on mouse over)
  • Restored CarStereo style – it was not working in the previous version due to a typo
  • Added Snake style back to bundle
  • Guestbook notification now works if the default page extension has changed to something else than html.

Chameleon 4.3.1 Dec 3, 2007

Version 4.31

New feature

  • New features (4.31):
  • Terrain Google map style added


  • Bugfix (4.31):
  • FLV movies did not play when placed in a subfolder bug fixed
  • Title tags corrected (the small labels when you move the mouse over an image or button). They did not show up corretly in Internet Explorer.

Version 4.30

New feature

  • Blog-style layout index page.
  • Automatic Image enlargement to fill in the visitors window
  • alt and title tags are added in every important place to meet the standards
  • Header / Footer can be managed from the User Interface too
  • Added User Interface icons
  • 3 new styles (Christmas, Lack, Soft) and 1 new subtyle (Lack White)
  • Lens Exif field is added (Works with Canon cameras)
  • Product links can be either Text and Button
  • Shipping cost has been added to Paypal shopping options
  • Handling fee and Cartwise handling fee option added
  • An additional Select box is added to selling options
  • Quantity box added as well
  • Guestbook is updated to version 2.1.
  • You can remove the labels from the metadata fields
  • Custom path separator in the header


  • Some incompatibility with JAlbum’s and Chameleon’s Printing service feature is fixed
  • No posts get lost in the guestbook when visitors post concurrently.
  • Email notification works
  • JAlbum hangs when ‘<‘ used without ‘>’ or ‘[‘ placed near the end of comment string bug fixed.
  • Broken link to CSS file in the help.html is fixed
  • Horizontal gaps between thumbnails upons loading the index page is fixed.

Chameleon 4.2.3 Aug 2, 2007

  • Fixed several issues with Guestbook. E.g. guestbook did not run on Internet Explorer. If you’ve downloaded v4.22 you might want to download this version.

Chameleon 4.2.1 Jul 31, 2007

(service release)

New feature

  • Added controls for Guestbook highlight color
  • and font size


  • Guestbook previously had problems with non-english keyboard layouts, fixed
  • Czech translation went wrong in the previous version, fixed
  • HTML page search keywords were not filtered for the required language in multilingual albums, fixed
  • Guestbook was showing “1. [] null” on certain servers when no entries were added yet, fixed
  • (The old guest book left in the version uploaded as v421 before 12:00PM CET 30/07/2007 – 6 downloads – please, download again!)

Chameleon 4.2.0 Jul 24, 2007

New feature

  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional pages generated. Browsers will support this standard for a longer time, and you can integrate the gallery into Content Management Systems more easily.
  • Improved Guestbook with optional rating, custom size, ordering, Email notification
  • Selling Photos via Paypal feature
  • Download icon now can be turned off if not needed


  • Google Maps link did not work on systems (or Java versions) using comma ‘,’ instead of dot ‘.’ as decimal sign, like French, German, etc.
  • The uplink was not compatible with MyJalbum’s main gallery address. Fixed.
  • The Numbered linklist got unlimited when the number of rows set to ‘0’ (unlimited rows). Fixed.

Chameleon 4.1.1 May 15, 2007

New feature

  • GPS position formatting
  • Link to map parameters added (Map type, Zoom level, Open in new window)


  • Guestbook was not working on certain PHP configurations (5.05, 5.22). Fixed.
  • “NEW” indicator reported incorrectly on virtual folders. Fixed.
  • Sound attachments cannot be found in virtual folders problem solved.

Chameleon 4.1.0 May 7, 2007

  • Support for multilingual albums
  • GPS data processing
  • Link to map feature with both GPS data and Iptc location fields
  • 35 mm focus equivalent computing (thanks to BluePlusPlus team for the lens data file)
  • Comment now can be attached to enhanced pictures too
  • Automatic maximize browser window feature
  • Uplink title can be specified in order to display it in the clickable path (Useful for multi-level albums.)
  • Thumblist on the slide page can be positioned left or rigth too, relative to the main picture
  • Copyright info on slide pages can be turned off
  • File chooser has been added to the Logo filter (you don’t have to manually add the filename)
  • You can have Guestbook only on the main index page
  • Updated serbian translation by Goran Milovanovic, russian by Mike Sazonov


  • FixedShape filter bug (when used with Large thumbnails for folders) is fixed
  • Folder with no description inherits the parent’s description bug is fixed
  • Chameleon will detect and use the folders thumbnails even if their name contain extended (accented) characters รข?? previously those files were copied with a wrong filename.
  • No unnecessary uplink button is generated when no index.html exists in the parent folder and “Uplink” is set to “default”

Chameleon 4.0.3 Feb 8, 2007

  • New feature: You can disable the folder name under the thumbnail. New polish translation. Some bugfixes, and corrected help files. See

Chameleon 4.0.2 Feb 5, 2007

  • Browser title missing space fixed. “XHTML / Transitional” compliance. (An annoying popup window with some debugging info has been left in the code when you use enhanced pictures. Please download again if you’ve downloaded this version on 04/02/2007.) Another bug is also corrected regarding the download link to reduced size images (when the icon is above the picture). Sorry!

Chameleon 4.0.1 Feb 4, 2007

  • Some bugfixes (see: and new features: “Force link to empty folders”, “Show thumb title”, Language box with full name, Max. thumb size is 128x128px for Graphic type thumbnails, Using “None” as Slidemount background the folder thumbnails will also show without slidemount, Grayscale effect for Indexpage thumbnails (works only with IE), Complete simplified chinese translation by Marcus Tsang

Chameleon 4.0 Feb 1, 2007

  • This version is bundled with JAlbum v7.0 but still compatible with older versions. The most of the code is compiled into Java which yields cca. 3 times quicker rebuild times. New features: Albuminfo inside/apart from table | New Exposure Bias exif field | Exposure Mode for non-Canon cameras | Fixed Folder thumbnails for virtual albums |
  • Em-square and Zoom filters for closeups | New style: White with 5 sub-styles |
  • Redesigned User interface to fit with JAlbum v7 better | The Folder thumbnails are copied to the current level’s “thumbs” folder forthe sake of password-protected sub-albums | The “This” type enhanced pictures are resized and applied all the filters the closeups have | Complete, redesigned help | Sub-styles: the original styles’ color variations | Added substyles for Aluminium, Black, Carstereo, Device, White styles | Configurable field-separator string | You can choose the album’s base text type and size | Color input can be hexadecimal | Thumblist can be on both sides | Guestbook on the indexpages | Re-designed sleeker guestbook. | Chinese translation | Updated Danish, Dutch, German, Finnish, Czech, Ukrainian, French translations.

Chameleon 3.42 Oct 10, 2006

  • Guestbook / Movie can play in original size / XP comment fields added / More Iptc fields / Custom links can be relative / Metedata fields are added to page keywords for search engines / For complete list refer to help file.

Chameleon 3.40 Sep 11, 2006

  • 4 new styles: Chrome, Glass, Oldbook, Wedding / Improved performance / Thumbnail spacing, border, background style, text rendering is configurable / Automatic start of movies can be switched off / Media embedding has been totally redesigned. / New Exif field: White balance / A wide range of IPTC fileds added

Chameleon 3.32 Aug 6, 2006

  • The NEW label now means the file is new at the time of viewing. / Custom color scrollbars / Download icon in color / Print ordering now works from the index page / the Custom Links opening can be controlled separately.

Chameleon 3.31 Aug 2, 2006

  • A small bug is fixed regarding the display of Exif ISO setting even if switched off. Updated danish translation by Jacob a.k.a craps.

Chameleon 3.30 Aug 1, 2006

  • Voice annotations / ISO setting bug with Canon EOS machines is fixed / Album Total images and Last Updated field appears only on the root index page / Two Custom links can be added.

Chameleon 3.23 Jul 28, 2006

  • v3.22 Had some nasty bugs related to tables, now this is fixed. (I hope so.) / No linklist nor thumblist is generated when only one page exists / The default row-count is set to 0, i.e. continuous view / From v3.22: The Album info, JAlbum Copyright and Help grouped into one box to spare with vertical space. / “Help” text instead of help icon.

Chameleon 3.21 Jul 27, 2006

  • Version 3.20 had a minor bug – the default Black style had gray background by mistake. New: Flash Video playing added, thanks to Jeroen Wijering.

Chameleon 3.11 Jul 16, 2006

  • Service release. Unnecessary border around folders in Large thumbs mode has been removed. Exception caused by extensionless files is eliminated.

Chameleon 3.10 Jul 14, 2006

  • The real 3.10!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ New Border and Logo filter + lots of esthetic changes, and bugfixes. Slovenian translation by Igor Trcek.

Chameleon 3.4 Jul 7, 2006

  • Version 3.04!!! Slide mounts can be disabled, some bugfixes too.

Chameleon 3.3 May 23, 2006

  • “New” sign for modified files/folders. Thanks for oli (france)! / .divx movies / Windows Media Player is now the default player for .avi files / Uderscores are replaced with spaces

Chameleon 3.2 May 19, 2006

  • Version 3.02, not 3.2!!! Thumblist is looking a lot better. / Printing service is disabled from local disks. / Some new filetypes supported. / Corrected Czech translation. / Plural form for “images” on folder file count. / Default image size is: 720x540px. Those who’ve already downloaded this version: the only change is the two latter – download only if you need that.

Chameleon 3.1 May 9, 2006

  • Service release.

Chameleon 3.0 May 8, 2006

  • The new major version has several improvements, like embedded movies, mini thumbnails on slide pages, and user can control what to display and where. Some translations are still misiing.

Chameleon 2.92 Mar 28, 2006

  • NEW: Large thumbnails for folders / Reference to / Copy protection / Originals open in “extra” slide pages / Option to disable the “Mark of the Web” line / Bigger, nicer icons for other filetypes / Detailed Help

Chameleon 2.91 Mar 7, 2006

  • Russian (Mike Sazonov) and Finnish Translation (Ulla Saarinen) / Some bugfixes – see Readme.txt!

Chameleon 2.90 Feb 7, 2006

  • Chameleon v2.9 – New features: You can disable the easy navigation on slides / The current page is highlighted in the link-list / See Readme.txt for the complete list!

Chameleon 2.80 Jan 20, 2006

  • New feature: Slideshow can loop / New languages: Portugues, Ukrainian translation / Minor bugfixes: “../index.html” instead of “..\index.html” which caused broken link

Chameleon 2.71 Dec 31, 2005

  • This version has several bugfixes, plus this version generates valid HTML and CSS pages.

Chameleon 2.60 Nov 11, 2005

  • Several bugfixes related to the new features of JAlbum. New features: Mouse navigaton on the slide pictures. Possibility to disable the Date field in the header of slides. WARNING!!! This version is compatible with the forthcoming improved JAlbum version, whatever it is. With v6 it writes out false directory names. I only uploaded this version because now I’m travelling abroad for a longer period.

Chameleon 2.51 Nov 4, 2005

  • From this version on Chameleon is compatible with JAlbum v6.0 or later. A bug is fixed related to comments in the slide page header. Some other minor modifications too.

Chameleon 2.50 Oct 28, 2005

  • Finally I decided to rename the skin, because it has nothing to do with “OSX” and “dark” anymore. Thanks to David Ekholm for the idea. // 3 new styles: Gold, Silver, OrangeBlue, 1 modified: 3D light // 1 new language: Slovakian Translated by ryzko // The custom Album Name did not work in the past releases – it is now fixed. Some improvements in keyboard handling (though Opera still won’t accept some keys). Resolved disappearing thumbs using Norton Internet Security firewall (hopefully). // !!! Who already downloaded (9 user) this version before 28/10/05 9:30AM, reload it because I found a scripting error which prevents the automatic slideshow starting on the last index page. !!!

Chameleon 2.41 Oct 7, 2005

  • The “java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException” bug has been fixed.

Chameleon 2.4 Sep 30, 2005

  • 2 new styles. 4 new languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish. No looping in slideshow. The Thumbnail text bug is eliminated. EXIF info enhancements. Etc.

Chameleon 2.3 Sep 9, 2005

  • 7 new styles, Deutch language version, you can start slideshow from the index page by pressing ENTER. Please send me your language mutation (see texts folder).

Chameleon 2.2 Aug 31, 2005

  • DarkOSX now supports languages. (Now English, Danish and Hungarian.) Translations are welcome. — 6 new themes, Page transition, slideshow mode on index pages, image pre-caching for faster browsing, etc.

Chameleon 2.1 Aug 25, 2005

  • A small bug is fixed related to google-like links, which caused a Java runtime error (on the PCs) in certain situations.

Chameleon 2.0 Aug 24, 2005

  • This version has so many new features that I’ve decided to leap a major version:
  • 6 differents themes: aluminium, aqua_dark, aqua_light, black, grays, steel,
  • Google-like jump-list to pages,
  • keyboard controls,
  • user configurable: album name, album description, custom homepage link, thumbnail label, usage of random folder picture, slideshow delay,
  • etc.

Chameleon 1.3 Aug 8, 2005

  • New: SlideSow mode (the interval is now 3s, but later I make it configurable). I used Rey Cyril’s code – thanks! Bugfix: hover effect on thumbs is now working with IE for PC too.

Chameleon 1.2 Aug 5, 2005

  • New: Folder icon with content displayed on it (if there is any) / Bugfix: Filename is displayed (instead of “$comment”) when mouse is over a thumb without comment / Modified: Movie icon

Chameleon 1.1 Aug 4, 2005

  • New: rollover-effect for navigation buttons.
  • Bugfix: No Mac’s “.DS_Store” hidden files in ZIP.
  • Bugfix: On slides there is no empty box if no EXIF info.
  • Change: Quality set to 90% by default.

Chameleon 1.0 Jul 25, 2005

  • Finally the site is on again!
  • Bugfix: Fixed the header misfit with IE for PC. (I tested it on Mac/Safari originally, but IE has some misty bugs.) ( Use Mac! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Bugfix: The clickable path is working with slides too.
  • New: EXIF info below slides.
  • New: Page numbers, etc., etc.