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Version 3.2.3 November 19, 2014

  • “getSizeAsString()” error
  • “getRootNavigation()” error


Version 3.2.2 November 10, 2014

  • “getIndexBreadcrumbPath” error

In version 3.2.1

New features
  • jAlbum widget bar’s color is matching the theme
  • Overlay caption is delayed by 1 seconds

Version 3.2.0 November 06, 2014

New features
  • Image captions can be positioned “below” (as before),
    “beside” and “overlaid” (when mouse is over)
  • Added “Debug mode” for easier debugging
  • Tooltip plugin (Previous/Next label on the slide image
    is much nicer)
  • Added missing translations for metadata labels
  • Missing metadata labels
  • “cleanup” missing error

Version 3.1.0 November 04, 2014

New features
  • Replaced the custom pages with those used in Turtle
  • Added Tumbrl feed custom page
  • Added new “Universal” code to Google Analytics
  • Added “Display advertising” option to GA
  • Replaced Beanshell utilities with compiled one: should
    boost make speed
  • jQuery library to 2.1.1
  • Removed blue outline from the images when clicking
    for the previous/next

Version 3.0.1 March 29, 2013

  • Comment is duplicated in slide page caption

Version 3.0.0 March 09, 2013

New features
  • Video and audio support (using jQuery jPlayer :
  • Thumbnail captions can be selected to display as “Tooltip” or “Below”
  • Mouse over tooltips on controls and thumbnails
  • Sitemap page has a new compass graphics
  • Document mode has changed to HTML5

Base 2.1.4 Nov 26, 2012

New features
  • Added Advanced panel
  • Code hooks: HEAD, BODY and CSS
  • Google Analytics added
  • Top menu logo can be of any size (not limited to 40px high)

Base 2.1.3 Sep 18, 2012

  • support for jAlbum’s new back links
  • minor html formatting bugs

Base 2.1.2 Aug 7, 2012

New feature
  • You can remove the Title (or fileName) from the header part on the slide pages
  • Removed the unnecessary <footer> tag when it was empty

Base 2.1.1 July 19, 2012 Base.jaskin

  • Missing thumbnails when other skin turned off thumbnail generation
  • Missing thumbnails when not using the “Copy folder thumbnails to current level”

Base 2.1.0 May 25, 2012 Base.jaskin

Now the page templates are integrated into jAlbum’s User Interface. Just right-click in the thumbnails area in jAlbum and select: New Page -> About.htt for example.

New features
  • Added Page templates for About, Contact and Sitemap pages
  • Thumbnail navigation can be placed below the main image too
  • Added the same base font set as in Turtle (see here)
  • Several fixes (taken over from Turtle skin)
  • Top navigation works in IE7

Base 2.0.1 Base.jaskin

Base skin service release – fixing minor bugs.

New features
  • Processing jAlbum variables in Header and Footer content
  • Top navigation misalignment when logo is added
  • Replacing index.htt with your own resulted in an extra “index” link to appear in the navigations
  • Contact box text was hard to read in Simple Dark style

Base 2.0.0 Base.jaskin

You can create complete sites with Base 2.0.0, thanks to jAlbum’s new site creating feature.

Right-click anywhere in jAlbum, thumbnail mode, and select New Page. Name it as. e.g. Contact.htt, or whatever the purpose is. Double-clicking the icon will bring up a simple HTML editor where you can add HTML structure, while selecting Edit will offer you editing the Title and Comment (text content) of the page. These pages then become part of the album structure, and will appear in the top (or footer) menu bar.

Please note, Base 2.0+ requires jAlbum 10.4 or newer in order the new features work.

New features

  • Support for custom pages
  • Multi-level top navigation bar
  • Simple bottom navigation bar in the footer
  • Breadcrumb path now includes the Up link (if exists)
  • Your logo in the top navigation bar
  • Header and Footer content can be added through the user interface

Base 1.0.2 Base skin 1.0.2

  • IE compatibility mode fallback
  • 2 validation errors (missing alt tags)
  • Outline on image areas when clicking for the previous/next page
  • Document mode to HTML 4.01 strict (in order IE not fall back to quirks mode)