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Comments with links to hidden folders

Chameleon’s “Enhanced Picture” is a wonderful feature that allows for a more pleasing album look. It allows one picture to be displayed in large size for each folder, and is well documented in the Help.

The recent addition of a comment with the Enhanced Picture enables more artistic freedom; this tutorial presents a few interesting uses related to “hidden folders“. See the tutorial Hidden or Private Folders. The Enhanced Picture comment can be used as an effective “Folder Link” to part of an album that is (but does not have to be) excluded or hidden.

Start an album with a single Enhanced Picture

Occasionally, it may be nice to have an album start with a single, large image . This acts as a focal point, and forces the user to respond before proceeding to view further into the album. It can simply act as a “pause”, to focus attention before moving on. The Enhanced Picture with an associated comment link greatly simplifies this process, which otherwise requires the creation of a multi-level/multi-pass album.

This requires the album contents to be hidden , while the comment has a link of the form:

<a href="2007/index.html">Click to go the <i>2007 Alpe d'Huez</i> Skiing album!</a>

A Best Of album with a hidden “See-All” option

Sometimes, the appearance of an album is upset when trying to accommodate a feature; for instance, a “Best Of” album may be organised by Year, but all the images (in a “Years & Months” arrangement) are still required. A “see-all” folder upsets the simple “Years” appearance, so it is convenient to hide this part of the album. However, it can be accessed by a comment that links to the “Years & Months” folder.

This can also be provided by a link in the or files.