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Adding and updating translations in jAlbum

Making localized version of a skin is pretty easy in jAlbum. First make sure you are using the language: Tools -> Preferences -> Language and if using the latest skin version (

jAlbum has its own translation tool since version 8.11. Just fire up Tools -> Translator -> Translate selected skin if no translation exists yet, or Update translation otherwise.

Translate the key values (text after = sign) to your language. The keys (texts before ‘=’) must not be altered. Pay attention to lines endings ‘\’ (marks multi-line text) and line breaks ‘<br>’. Also check if the text lengths fit into the user interface. To check the translated User Interface texts you need to reload the skin. Just click on the Empty project on the left and click the previous again. Or reload the skin with the Ctrl-R command, if you don’t mind resetting the current project’s settings. For texts going on the generated page, please make a sample gallery and test the result on it.

If you have missed a certain key, the English text will show instead. When everything works fine, please send the translation file to the skin author (m_laca at yahoo com in my case). That file can be found in the Skin directory (Ctrl-Alt-S) / texts folder, called, where XX is your language code, e.g. SV=Swedish.

Thank you for your help!