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The home of my jAlbum skins: Turtle, Tiger, Photoblogger, etc.

Download Turtle skin

Current version Turtle.jaskin Double click the downloaded file to install! Sample album Version 5.3.2 Jan 12, 2015 Fixed: – Custom User Interface (Image data and External) panels triggered “new” added date on every image in a folder – Widget error using command line (headless) mode

Download Base skin

Download Base.jaskin Double click the downloaded file to install! Sample album Favorites Usage Base skin is free for both personal and commercial projects. Version 3.2.3 November 19, 2014 Fixed “getSizeAsString()” error “getRootNavigation()” error

Turtle 5’s new features

Turtle 5 comes with dozens of new features, like the improved shopping experience with bulk ordering and coupon codes, or the new feedback tool, still many of them is behind the scenes, like the substantially reworked touch event handling, which brings a much smoother mobile experience.

Dynamic vs. multi-page albums

Dealing with digital photo albums on the web you’ll see two basically different models. The “traditional” – one image per HTML page – and the “dynamic”, which changes the images on the same HTML page upon user interaction, utilizing Javascript. Sounds like a subtle technical detail but it has far reaching consequences. Although this applies […]

Lazaworx.com blackout

You might want to like the site’s Facebook page facebook.com/Lazaworx to see what’s on with Lazaworx.com and get notified of the new posts. Sorry everyone for the site was down during the past two days. Here’s what happened. Drawbacks of Shared hosting Lazaworx.com is hosted on a shared hosting, in which hundreds of sites share […]

Turtle skin settings explained

Traduction Fran├žaise by Danamel Skin version: 3.4.6 Turtle skin has such an extensive feature set – I guess even the most experienced of you can find something new. To get into Turtle skin settings either click the little skin icon next to the skin chooser in jAlbum or press F4. Site Show top navigation Select […]

Facebook Commenting Sample Album

Facebook commenting in Turtle

Turtle skin received quite a few new features recently, still I think it’s not too hard to pinpoint which will be the most popular: Facebook commenting. Yes, even though you can create sophisticated albums with jAlbum & Turtle, Facebook is the place your friends, family or clients (you name it) hang around. With this new […]

Font selection in Turtle skin

Every album is different. Why should you use the same typeface for all? With version 3.3.0 came the improved font stacks to Turtle, and with 3.3.1 you can even choose a unique headline font for page titles. I will explain how these fonts work in your albums. Web browsers for long time could only use […]

Building Panoramic albums with Turtle

This feature requires at least Turtle 3.2.0.Download from here. Building panoramic galleries is not fully supported by most of the web album tools today. You need to have some panning tool to be able to conveniently handle these extreme-wide photos. In Turtle 3.2.0 I have introduced some new techniques to support this. The swipe control […]

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