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Version 5.3.2 Jan 12, 2015

- Custom User Interface (Image data and External) panels
  triggered "new" added date on every image in a folder
- Widget error using command line (headless) mode


Version 5.3.1 Dec 12, 2014

New feature:
- Added help links to custom pages

- Zipping whole album resulted in broken ZIP file
- Preformat text didn't work on image comments
- Disqus commenting might be hard to read. Added background.
Version 5.3.0 Nov 19, 2014

New feature:
- Online help added to every settings page
- Nub (little triangle) added to tooltips

- Unified JavaScript library (all.js)

- Empty share box below images when using only Facebook
  or Google+
- Incompatible version error on Mac's running Java 6
- Swiping for the previous image when on the first one didn't
  return to center when no previous folder exists
- Missing local warning on sharing button ("You can't share
  local albums.")
- postal_address.replaceAll("\n", " :: ") Error
- flicker during image transitions when border width is 0
Version 5.2.6 Nov 11, 2014

New feature:
- You can skip custom pages from the Contents page
- Added "Date taken" and "File modified" references to
  "New images" custom page
- Click the left part of an image to go backwards
Version 5.2.5 Oct 27, 2014

- Facebook commenting is empty when following back the 
  link on Facebook
- Starting slideshow from the index page the video could
  not play to the end, advances to the next item before
  reaching end

Version 5.2.4 Oct 20, 2014

- Facebook commenting error. Sorry for this - it was due to a 
  last minute change.
- Facebook and Twitter share buttons are on by default

Version 5.2.3 Oct 14, 2014

- New Photos custom page does not display images made today
  when "Gather images modified in the past X days" is set to 1
- Custom order of folders/pages/images didn't work
- During slideshow when changing folders the autoplay didn't
  always continue

Version 5.2.2 Oct 12, 2014

- "Method Invocation Widgets.hasWidgets" error
- Missing page when jumping to the next folder's first image
- Search new images displayed a 12 hours offset when using 
  Exif date as reference
- Contact page wrong closing <blockquote> tag
- java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:
  when using Contents page
- French translation

Version 5.2.1 Oct 09, 2014

New feature:
- Extra download sizes beyond the scaled and original size
- Contents custom page added: shows all pages in alphabetic 
- Map added to the Contact page. You can pick the coordinates
  from a photo.
- You can use <ja: > control tags in the caption templates
- Feedback on the currently processed folder in jAlbum's status
  line during ZIP and extra download files creation
- Keeps the slideshow state (play/pause) after directory change
  or page refresh
- In "After last page = Next folder" mode the previous button
  takes to the last image of the previous folder, making the
  navigation symmetrical
- About page's author image is automatically copied to the
  project's folder, so later you can safely rename/remove the
  original image

- Clicking PDF/XLS/DOC/etc files didn't open the linked 
- External content might get duplicated on subsequential
  PDF or other non-image files
- You could not stop slideshow mode during video playback
- keywords added in jAlbum didn't display in photo data
- Widget detection works much better
- Full screen mode didn't work on IE11
- "Lazaworx" link in the top mernu left by mistake in 5.2.0
- Uppercase / Lowercase folders got mixed in Contents page

- Korean translation

Version 5.1.3 July 03, 2014

- Facebook commenting administrator didn't always work,
  from now on just leave the Administartors field empty
  and manage the admins on your FB application's page or
  by clicking "Settings" on any commenting window.
- Tagged areas (faces) might appear twice if the image
  contains both the Picasa and Windows Live Photo gallery
  standard metadata

Version 5.1.2 June 17, 2014

- Google Analytics / Universal code error

Version 5.1.1 June 13, 2014

New feature:
- New images search shows the relative date (e.g. 2 months ago)

- New image search returned only the first result in a folder
- If ${keywords} was used in the caption template it did
  show up twice in the search results

- French translation

Version 5.1.0 June 12, 2014

New feature:
- Search words are highlighted in search results
- You can add logo in the header alone without enabling the 
  top navigation
- Added 3 optional custom links to Contact page
- Added Tumblr feed custom page

- Google Analytics related javascript error
- No select box for shopping cart on index page if no
  feedback email was specified
- Duplicates are filtered from the search results
- Using albumTitle on top level instead of title so you can 
  redefine it when using command line mode

- Reverted to non-clipping logo image

Version 5.0.12 April 30, 2014

New feature:
- Enabled "click beside image to get back to index page" 
  functionality (optional)
- Google Analytics: optional Doubleclick support added
- No prompt for creating ZIP files. Turtle tries to guess if any
  images has changed in the given folder. You'll have to delete
  the ZIP files manually from the output folder (Ctrl-Shift-O)
  and re-make if it could not.
- Top menu and submenu line spacing is reduced to 75% to be able
  to accommodate longer menus
- Missing folder thumbnail for video files if "Copy to current
  level" is on
- Bluish color on modal windows with IE9
- SELECT boxes on customm pages might be blocked
- Missing thumbnail from Facebook share in separate slides mode 
  with Link to originals
- Missing thumbnails in thumbnail scroll box (above image) on iOS
- NullPointerException in case of server error with the widgets

Version 5.0.11 March 4, 2014

New feature:
- Better embed code: the frame width fits the available width
  if smaller than the theme image - placed horizontally centered
  if wider. Using this code the iframe will not push apart the
  page on small screens.
- The embed code width is automatically calculated from the
  theme image width (+40px)

- 0 instead of 999 rows (means unlimited thumbnails on a page)
  (only important to stop jAlbum 12 from regenerating the preview

Version 5.0.10 February 27, 2014

New feature:
- You can supply translations for Paypal's shopping buttons in any 

- Broken "View Cart" button in Paypal shopping cart with Polish
  and possibly Dutch, Italian, German and French versions
- Shipping fee did not fall back to Paypal's default when
  it was set to 0
- Java error using console mode using the ZIP feature
- Video size is not properly set on New photos page
- Unnecessary checkboxes and "Select all / none" on New photos page

- No "new" label on New photos page

Version 5.0.9 February 21, 2014

- Firefox moves to next image in panorama view mode instead of 
  scrolling through the image
- After changing folders the background music always goes back
  to the first song
- HTML entities (e.g. &nbsp;) appear in title by mistake
- Italian translation by Alessandro

Version 5.0.8 February 4, 2014

New feature:
- Use  in the comment of custom pages to mark the text to be
  used as page excerpt (all the text before). A "Read more" link is 
  automatically added.
- Java error on About page, when no author image was selected
- New Photos custom page did not use its own day setting, rather 
  the global "Site / Mark new... days"
- Links in "Up one level" and "Share" tooltips use a fixed orange color in 
  Black style instead of the global link and hover color settings
- No shopping cart on index page in separate slides mode
- No folder info appears on Paypal receipt
- Items with proprietary shop options are allowed too for bulk shopping 
  on the New Photos page.
- If the last image in a folder is the current, the "Start slideshow" 
  will commence at the first image

Version 5.0.7 January 31, 2014

- Empty space above thumbnails if shares on, using dropdown menu

- French translation by Daniel, Hungarian translation

Version 5.0.6 January 30, 2014

- Handling fee isn't added in Paypal shopping cart
- No popup box on Send feedback on pages with no images
- Broken links to images in folders on New Images custom page
  in dynamic mode
- Link to original folder is not styled when captions placed below 
- Links to jalbum and skin now open in new window or tab
- Google+ button missing in "dropdown menu" mode

- Dutch translation by Kees

Version 5.0.5 January 17, 2014

- Empty image page with "Skip thumbnail pages" and "Make slides"

Version 5.0.4 January 16, 2014

New feature:
- Selectable modal window theme: "Auto", "Light" or "Dark"
  with "Auto" the background color decides if light or dark used
- Empty page with "Skip thumbnail page"

- Dutch translation by Kees

Version 5.0.3 January 13, 2014

New feature:
- You can hide the "Fit screen / 1:1" button (Advanced panel)

- No "Play/Pause" button if there's only one photo in a folder
- Tapping the bottom panel on touch devices won't toggle the 
  control strip
- Full screen mode is removed from separate slides mode, because the 
  browser falls back to normal mode after every image change anyway 
- Control strip doesn't appear automatically during slideshow
- About.htt: you can remove the author image by clearing the box

- Swipe didn't move the picture on Firefox
- Broken link in Search results to deeper folder levels
- Coupon code box breaks to new line on Firefox
- The Share and Search dropdown boxes don't work on touch devices
- The Like button is reloaded every time the dropdown box popped up
- Broken Fotomoto integration
- Sharing options appear in separate lines in "unboxed" mode
- About.htt error. To fix it in old albums either create the page 
  as new, or right-click -> Edit: add "authorImagePath == void ||":
  String authorImg = (authorImagePath == void || util.isEmpty( ...

- German translation by Klaus
- Hungarian translation

Version 5.0.2 January 12, 2014

- NEW label is below the folder thumbnails
- Missing 'NEW' text on thumbnails
- Added back Pinterest share button - it seems they've fixed it
- Moved Google Analytics link to the proper panel
- Missing User Interface elements on small screens

Version 5.0.1 January 11, 2014

- Missing theme image if "Same image in subfolders" selected
- Missing zeroes in prices in Paypal shopping cart shop options box

- French translation by Daniel

Version 5.0.0 January 10, 2014

New features:
- Shopping cart on index page for purchasing multiple items
- Email feedback tool. Visitors can optionally select images, and attach 
  comments selectively.
- Shop coupons either for discount rates or fixed discount amounts
- 6 new currencies for Paypal shopping cart (BRL, MYR, PHP, RUB, SGD, TRY)
- Optional non-linear shipping: separate fee for the first and the 
  subsequential items (use "Option=10.0+2.0+1.0" - the last is the shipping
  for the additional items)
- Disqus commenting (see
- Social sharing buttons and links can be displayed "unboxed", that is
  not in a popup box, visible straight off
- Float numbers (e.g. 2.5) are accepted as slideshow delay seconds
- Enabled translations for many Exif/Iptc fields
- The actual photo is highlighted in search results and moves into focus 
  upon page change
- Optional pattern overlay on the theme image (Cardboard, Circles, Dots, 
  GPlay, Linen, Paper, Pinstripe, Tiles, Wood)
- Support for secure pages (https://)
- New Photos page (Gathers all newly added images on a separate page). 
  Use Right-click -> New Page -> NewPhotos.htt
- Hardware acceleration for swipe action. Should result in much 
  smoother touch movement on mobile devices.
- New styles: Wood Light, Ricepaper
- Folder titles (and image caption titles) can be the same custom font as
  selected for the header
- Optional rounded corners on images
- Logo filter (on the new "Filters" tab)
- Added font selection to Watermark filter
- You can decide if you want to remake all ZIP's during Make
- ZIP now includes movies, audios and other files (PDF) in case 
  "Scaled down images" is selected, instead of the poster images
- Added headline fonts: Abel, Lobster 2, Marvel, Yanone Kaffeesatz regular,
  body font: Candara
- Theme image can be either "Folder thumbnail" or "Flat color" 
  when you can specify the the color and opacity

- Default font: Trebuchet MS (better cross-browser support) 14px, 
  headline font: Oswald (extended charset)
- Folder title size is 120% by default (previously 150%)
- Search for new images results doesn't show '@new:x'
- Minor modifications on the icons
- Show/hide thumbnails and Show/hide caption/info icons in the control bar
  has changed, to make them more clear
- Thumbnail caption popups appear only after a small delay
- Thumbanil captions don't appear while scrolling
- You don't have to re-enter discount coupon for every slide image
- Custom color scrollbars on modal windows (Chrome only)
- Folder thumbnails (that show up on social sites) do keep the original
  aspect ratio instead of cropping to 300x300px
- Redesigned user interface, with more sections and icons

- jQuery.jPlayer is updated to 2.5.0, 
- Google webfonts

- Previous / Next folder names might get chopped in FireFox
- Missing translation for "Close window"
- Marking "New" folders and Search for new pictures is inconsistent 
  with the "New" label on thumbnails: compared to current time instead 
  of album made time
- Generating the album back to the input folder the neighboring folder
  links never appear
- Jump to next folder's first image at the end of the current page 
  didn't work
- Cropped text on next and previous folder links on FireFox
- Discount didn't apply to additional (> 1) items
- Double-click to toggle zoom didn't work on separate slides
- Choppy scrolling using the mouse wheel
- Better hiding the top and bottom bars on iOS (7.1) / Safari
- Copying folder thumbs to current level is done only at the end of 
  Make to avoid missing thumbnails due to racing conditions
- Moving back and forth the index page and the current image the
  URL's hash didn't get updated
- Devices with touch support (surface) don't allow mouse events on 
  desktop devices
- IE10 & 11 touch actions on mobile devices (scroll and swipe)
- Error when "Show image count" on folders is off
- Disabled editing of forms added in the footer with custom scroll
- "Start over" option is unnecessary with only one image present
- "New" label is missing from slide page thumb strip thumbnails

Known bugs:
- Safari (and other browsers) on iOS 7 hangs often due to a memory 
  management bug in iOS 7. The bug is fixed in the upcoming iOS 7.1.
- The top and bottom browser bars can't be removed in iOS 7.0 with
  small screens. The user experience is slightly better on iOS 7.1 
  where Turtle can hide the bars - they still might pop up every 
  now and then.
- On iOS 7 clicking a link near the top might activate the top bar
  instead of the link. Turn off "Stick control to top" to get
  better user experience on small screen iOS7 devices.
- Google Chrome reports the attribute required for iOS7 'minimal-ui'
  as an error. No other consequences though.

Being this a major release with lots of modifications, I suggest you 
to test the local version thoroughly before uploading.

Version 4.5.3 November 07, 2013

New features:
- New option "Next folder" when moving beyond the last photo: will 
  continue with the first photo in the next folder, works also in
  After last image = "Ask" mode.

- NEW label misplaced in FireFox when reference is "Added to album"
- "Back to index" and "Up one level" works at the last photo in
  separate slide pages mode
- The image remain off-center after swiping left the last photo

- French translation

Version 4.5.2 November 06, 2013

- Images retain their original size even in "fit to window" mode
  and placed off-center in languages other than English

Version 4.5.1 November 06, 2013

- Images retain their original size even in "fit to window" mode
  and placed off-center
- Shopping cart don't work in certain cases
- The previous and next folder links now constrained to the same line

Version 4.5.0 November 05, 2013

New features:
- Discount rate for Paypal shopping carts. You can use a global value,
  but you can also specify the discounts individually, or skip (use "-")
- You can specify shop options per folder 
  Select folder -> Edit mode -> Image data (right bottom) -> Shop options
  (Use "-" to skip the folder completely)
- Added Mostphotos selling option
- New label: added option to display recently added images
- Added 8 new headline fonts: Abel, Economica, Fjalla One, Lobster Two, Marvel,
  Medula One, Six Caps, Ubuntu Condensed
- Optional Previous / Next folder link on index pages

- Search results window could be resized beyond the screen edges

- "New" label: more visible, red
- Search for new images icon contains the word "new"
- Search if off for new albums by default
- Info panel is visible on new albums by default
- Share icon: thumbs up icon is replaced with a "box and arrow" icon
- Less 3D gradient on info panel buttons
- Slightly redesigned button icons
- Image number for thumbnails is smaller, and using text color
- Default folder columns is 3 (instead of 2)
- Info panel is visible by default in new projects
- Default corner rounding is 6 (was 9 previously)
- ESC key don't take back to the parent page, (reserved only for going back 
  from slides to the index page), to avoid accidentally jumping levels
- Google Checkout support has been removed, because Google is retiring it,

Version 4.4.5 October 15, 2013

- No automatic update of active thumbnail in thumbnail strip during the 
  slideshow when user is seeking a thumbnail

- Changed wording on the shop options panel and added formatting hint.

Version 4.4.4 October 9, 2013

New feature:
- You can selectively turn off map on photos or whole folders - good 
  for privacy (see: Edit mode / Image data / Hide location)
- Background music can be synchronized with the slideshow - will start (stop)
  if you start (stop) the slideshow mode

- Slideshow stops if you click on a thumbnail in the thumbnail strip
  or the next button too. Previously stopped only on previous button. 

- Apostrophe (') in folder names might break the skin

Please note, using apostrophes in folder (or file) names might cause further 
problems, for example during sharing them, so it is strongly advised to use 
plain folder names, without any extra characters, and use the Title field
(View -> Label type -> Title) to add the real one.

Version 4.4.3 September 20, 2013

- Facebook Share had no thumbnail if URL-encoding links was set to off
  and the album name has contained a non-websafe character, e.g. space

Version 4.4.2 September 18, 2013

New feature:
- Paypal "Add to cart" and "View cart" buttons with localized text:
  DE, FR, IT, ES, PT, DA, NL, NO, SV, TR, RU, PL, IL, TH
- Sharing individual images over Facebook works in dynamic mode too

- Changing the Folder columns did not work, though preserved the previous setting
- Missing thumbnails on mobile devices
- Broken Search when using apostrophe in folder names (with no URL-enconing)

Known issues:
- Safari on iOS7 won't hide the address bar automatically only when the user swipes 
  down the page manually

Version 4.4.1 September 09, 2013

- Broken shopping cart using apostrophes (') in the album or folder names
- Error when adding single number instead of a dimension (w x h) in the 
  Theme image size box

Version 4.4.0 August 21, 2013

- Linking to an individual image using a hash tag lead to a broken page
  if you have changed the dynamic mode to individual slides mode in the
- User interface reorganization: instead of "Settings / Images / Columns"
  the thumbnail layout has moved to "Settings / Turtle / Thumbnails"
  "Mark files New" is moved to the "Site" tab, the "Fixed shape thumbnails"
  to the "Design" tab

Version 4.3.4 August 7, 2013

- More flat (iOS7 and Win 8) styled app, tile and favicons

- Spaces in album name could trigger Facebook warning "wrong HREF"

Version 4.3.3 July 30, 2013

- Can't disable video auto play on separate slide pages
- Filenames containing parentheses  might lead to broken links
  from search results when using the dynamic mode
- Occasional image skipping on FireFox using the click on image 
  or mousewheel navigation

Version 4.3.2 July 23, 2013

- Search popup panel pushed to the left edge

- Fotomoto integration added back
- The Settings / Turtle / Advanced / Upload path takes
  precendence over the physical upload path (useful if using
  your own server or uploading to an IP address)

Version 4.3.1 July 18, 2013

- Simple 2D, updated share icon graphics
- Added instagram profile on the "Contact" page

- Video, audio, other count single/plural forms incorrect
- Custom page count is removed from the "other" file count
- Inner navigation (e.g. >a href="#top"<>/a<) is supported on 
  custom scroll area, e.g. on custom pages
- Hidden page with URL's containing hash tags on custom pages
- Facebook debugger complains of circular redirects if 
  Advanced / Naming / URL-encode links is off
- Google+ button still did not appear sometimes
- Exception when entering dimensions mixed with spaces, e.g. "900 x 300"
- Fotomoto: they went out of business :(

Version 4.3.0 July 05, 2013

New feature:
- About, Contact, Sitemap pages has been allowed to use jAlbum 11.3's
  new custom page user interface, making it easy to edit custom page
  contents and options
- Added thumbnails (optional) and home link to Sitemaps
- Grayscale filter (on Images tab)
- Added social icons on the User Interface

- Google+ button don't appear in albums with loads of other social
  functions and external libraries (e.g. Maps)
- In Pinterest album description encoded characters might appear (e.g. %20)

Version 4.2.9 June 27, 2013

New feature:
- Added control for Facebook commenting placement: skip pages, skip images
- Added Admininstartors to Facebook commenting

- Wrong upload path used in Facebook commenting

Version 4.2.8 June 24, 2013

- The control strip will appear after image change automatically, 
  fades after 1.5s (on desktop browsers)
- Missing Exif/Iptc/Xmp variables in caption templates

Version 4.2.7 June 18, 2013

New feature:
- Added opacity support on background color and border color
  No effect on styles with opaque background images, like:
  Brushed, Cork, Cracking, Exhibition, Gold, Hemp, Jeans,
  Leather, Paper, Retro, Shine, Stonewall, Wallpaper, Wood
  (IE8 and below not supported)

- Custom pages in subfolders now appear even if "Hide links to custom 
  pages if top navigation is on" selected

- Using Upload path without closing slash (e.g.
  did not work as before, i.e. Turtle did not add the album name
- Javascript error in Firefox, related to transparent page background
- At last page question panel could be placed off-center in certain

Version 4.2.6 June 03, 2013

- Javascript error: slideshow won't start using the "Go full screen"

Version 4.2.5 May 31, 2013

- Javascript error (broken album) using French language

Version 4.2.4 May 30, 2013

New feature:
- You can add a link to an external HTML page by using the Edit
  mode -> External -> External link box

- The active photo is not retained once the visitor has reached the 
  last photo (i.e. will start from the first the next time)
- Upgraded jQuery Javascript framework to 1.10.0

- Facetag names popup can disappear below the button, if the list 
  is too long
- Facetag names on the photo can bee too tiny to show the full name
- Missing thumbnails in subfolders with "Copy folder thumbnails to 
  current level" on
- Fit "Shrink only" was ignored after browser window size change or
  toggling the info panel
- The popup could overflow the screen if the caption was too long

Version 4.2.3 May 24, 2013

New feature:
- Added code hook for the area above the thumbnails

- Unfunctional custom scroller with several hundreds of
  pictures and facebook commenting

- Upgraded jQuery Javascript framework to 1.9.1
- Upgraded html5boilerplate to 4.2
- Upgraded normalize CSS to 1.1.2

Version 4.2.2 May 22, 2013

New feature:
- Added option to choose between restarting music on every page 
  change or continue where it was left off on the previous page

- Google+ share did not work with spaces or extended characters 
  in filenames
- Turtle's Java files are compiled with Java 1.5 compatibility 
  for users with older OS's that don't have Java 1.6+
- Facebook commenting "page not found" error

Version 4.2.1 May 17, 2013

- Error using ${originalDate} in caption templates
- Error using the "Copy folder thumbs to current level"
- Credit links not removed

Version 4.2 May 16, 2013

New feature:
- Albums work on browsers with Javascript turned off with a limited
  functionality (find the option on: Turtle/ Advanced)
- Offer download for Scaled-down images might got result in broken
  ZIP files if the album contained images and other files mixed
- Several minor fixes that made the code more robust and less prone
  to run-time errors

- All the frequently used core functions got compiled into Java
  which results in some 10-50% speedier album makes
  (not counting the image scaling which is done on the first make)

Version 4.1.5 May 09, 2013

- JavaScript error when Sharing options turned on

Version 4.1.4 May 08, 2013

- Load animation don't fade if NEW label is on
- Thumbnail strip don't show popup captions

Version 4.1.3 May 08, 2013

New Feature:
- Turtle can use the upload Path if the album was uploaded before
  so you don't have to enter it on the Advanced panel to make the 
  Facebook commenting and other social functions work
- New option to add download button on videos and other non-image 

- Sleeker HTML pages
- Quicker album builds
- Control bar is visible by default after navigating to a 
  new image on touch devices (toggle by tapping the screen)
- Shopping cart is visible by default on new albums (if enabled)
- Better thumbnail loader: displays load animation only while
  the image is loaded, works better on IE, smooth fade in effect
  on completion

- Link from search results did not work in certain cases
  in dynamic mode (e.g. containing space or apostrophe)
- Security exception on FireFox with disabled cookies
- Icons of other file types distorted in thumbnail strip

Version 4.1.2 April 29, 2013

- Search new images feature works even if "Mark New files..." is 
  set to 0 (= no "New" mark)

- _caption is void in shorten long descriptions mode
- next image is not preloaded in "Link to originals" mode

Version 4.1.1 April 26, 2013

New feature:
- By pressing the "Download" button the browser automatically
  downloads the file instead of opening in a new window 
  (IE8,9 has no support - works the old way)
- User defined call back function when an image is loaded
  "Turtle / Advanced / Image"

- Failed to cache the next image in dynamic mode
- Widget space not reserved even if some of the widgets were turned on
- Missing plural form of "video" and "audio" if more than one found in a folder
- The current image is applied to other albums too and could end up
  in an out of bounds condition
- Automatic slideshow did not advance on videos and audios if 
  start/stop autoplay button was toggled during play

Version 4.1.0 April 19, 2013

New feature:
- Search for new images button
- Separate image, audio, and video counts on the folder thumbnails
- User defined Image hook code
- User defined Javascript hook code

- Fotomoto button says: "Buy / Share" to make it more inviting to
  use Fotomoto's free sharing and e-card feature
- Album info moved to "Site" tab

- Fotomoto could register with the load animation picture instead 
  of the real one if one came to the slide page by skipping the 
  index page
- Search results point to invalid URL's in separate slide
  page mode
- Search results did not show thumbnails for media files
- Folder list table could be too wide in IE8
- Could not click images in IE8 with custom scroller
- Map did not show on separate slides mode on the slides with
  manually added GPS coordinates
- IE8 midget thumbnails

- French translation by Danamel

Version 4.0.12 April 16, 2013

- "No. 0" appear in Paypal shopping cart using separate slide pages

Version 4.0.11 April 14, 2013

- NEW label did not work on thumbnails, only on folders
- The popping up folder description could break top navigation
  when browsing through drop down menus
- The Unlicensed pop up could appear on slide pages when widgets
  are turned off

Version 4.0.10 April 13, 2013

- All folders displaying the same number of images contained on
  the thumbnail
- If only Facebook Like or share was selected no Share button is
  generated on slide pages
- Command line mode crashing due to missing SignInManager

Version 4.0.9 April 10, 2013

New features:
- No controls diplayed by default below videos in full screen mode
- Speed improvements
- You can change the background color in "Linen" style
- You can hide the Descriptions in Sitemap

- You could not scroll in Chrome for Android in certain cases
- "load.gif" shows in shopping cart instead of real filename

Version 4.0.8 April 04, 2013

- Thumbnails don't load on iOS devices with "Custom scroll"
- All the thumbnails load with no "Custom scroll"
- Control strip show (and fade away) on every image change on 
  touch devices
- Better operation on Chrome for iOS
- A certain GPS coordinate format in Exif could hang the album
- Image thumbnails can grow too wide if long words used in captions
  (when placed below)

Version 4.0.7 April 03, 2013

New features:
- Option to have long comments "shortened", use a "scroll box" or
  leave as is in the thumbnail area
- Option to hide links to custom pages if they are visible in the
  top navigation too
- Option to hide the video title
- Option to auto-maximize the video playback to full browser window
  (if you combine it with the "Images / Go full screen" option you'll 
  get a full-screen video juke box)
- Video playback remembers the full screen / normal size state when
  you browse through videos
- Double tap works on touch devices to toggle 1:1 / fit window mode
- Shopping cart did not work with no originals attached
- Folder thumbnails table could be too wide if long words used
- Transparent caption background below thumbnails (if selected "below")
  on some styles
- If no "Show Start slideshow" selected you can have as low as 80px 
  tall header images (as in 3.x)

- "Don't allow panels to cover images" option moved to "Images" tab
- "Move current thumbnail into view" option moved to "Thumbnails" tab

- "Move current thumbnail into view" means to automatically scroll
  to the button last viewed when you go back to thumbnail page or
  visit the same page within an hour - useful for large albums.

Version 4.0.6 March 29, 2013

New features:
- Added URL you can copy in the download link tooltip
- You can choose between "click for next image" and double click
  (on the main image) to toggle 1:1 / Fit window view
- Option to disable the "move current thumbnail into view" feature

- No extra time after a video play in automatic slide show mode

Version 4.0.5 March 28, 2013

- default style is Linen

- Unable to pin albums containing space or extra chars in their name
- Paypal shopping cart groups different items into one if the folder name
  is too long
- Unnecessary vertical scrollbar appears in the header with Google webfonts
- In separate slides mode the map could be broken, or point to another
  picture's location
- Illegible link color in the caption with light styles
- Links in the folder description could be hard to read
- Download button added for every video and audio unnecessarily

Version 4.0.4 March 25, 2013

- Broken Fotomoto integration
- Header height now respects top menu height
- Scroll box above images show midget thumbnails on IE10

Version 4.0.3 March 22, 2013

New features:
- Automatic detection of Widget use / removed "Preserve widget space" option

- Added top menu height to custom page's and subalbum's header (like in 3.x)

- Fixed bug with Shopping Cart & IE9 (visible hidden fields)
- Broken link, image, when using "Preformat text..." mode
- Javascript error in "Make slides" mode, when the previous or next photo's
  name contains apostrophe
- Illegible links on the Album info window with certain styles
- Folder descriptions containing HTML tags could break the design
- In vertical mode (theme image left) the folder title and description can come
  too narrow
- Skip index page did not work on the first subfolder
- With "Skip index page" in separate slides mode the album ended up in an 
  invisible index page
- Facebook commenting doesn't work or pulls in comments from other people if 
  Upload path is missing from the Turtle / Advanced page
- Even though Facebook commenting might start without providing the exact
  upload path, it will launch in limited "compatibility" mode

Version 4.0.2 March 14, 2013

New features:
- You can create separate slide pages, which can be separately Liked, Shared,
  commented and crawled by search bots. To use this mode go to "Settings / Pages"
  and turn on "Make slide pages". Please note, in this mode there can be no
  smooth image transitions, continuous background music, the number of thumbnails
  above the images on the slide page is limited to 20, and this mode also 
  results in more traffic comparing to the "traditional" dynamic mode.
- New HTML5/Flash player for both video and audio files ( -
- Option to not allow the thumbnail scroller and info panels cover the images
  (fit images between the top and bottom panels)
- You can turn off the custom scroller, thus the whole page will be scrolled,
  not only the thumbnail area
- Option to preserve the space for widgets at the bottom (default: no)
- Theme image can be blurred
- Google Map can be displayed on the index pages too, highlights the actual image
- Facebook commenting and Like button on slide pages when "Make slides" is on 
- The background music retains the play position, volume and play/stopped state
  after changing folders
- Only the visible thumbnails get loaded, which results in more responsive 
  albums, faster page loads and less traffic
- New "Allow download" as ZIP option for manually selected originals only
- Added option for displaying text labels along the icons on the Info panel
- The folder description appears in a box when selected as not visible by default
- Selectable font size for folder titles
- 5 new styles: Cardboard, Dark fabric, Flower Pattern, Leather Light, Linen 
  (using textures from
- Smooth mouse over effect on thumbnails
- Configurable thumbnail rounding, spacing and padding
- No size change (jumping) on folder tiles after page load
- Modal windows adapt height to content (e.g. search results)
- Added Sitemap graphics (compass)
- Option to not use Turtle's favicon (use the site's)
- Continue shopping URL can be specified to redirect customers to a custom page

- Several styles has changed in order to have the backgrounds more reserved 
  and to put more emphasys on photos
- 1.x Legacy styles removed (find all the legacy styles on
- Removed next image action on clicking the image on touch devices 
- Discontinued support for IE7
- New favicon and App icons
- Returned back to 2 column mode for folders
- Custom pages only show up between the thumbnails is there's no top navigation 

- Text preformatting didn't work with new Java versions
- Slow page load with Fotomoto
- several other bugfixes...

- The "Show map if GPS coordinates found" setting has changed to include the
  index page option too, therefore if you open an album made previously you
  need to reselect this option, otherwise no map will be generated
- Version 4.0.0 was the testing version, this is why I bumped up the version number

Version 3.5.4 Sept 14, 2012

New feature:
- Control bar does not disappear with "Advanced / Auto-hide control bar" = OFF

- Empty share box below images when only Facebook or Twitter was selected
- Up link from the top level page opens in "parent" frame, useful with 
  embedded albums
- Empty image caption template triggered a Javascript error

- French translation

Version 3.5.3 Sept 07, 2012

- JS error when the page background is set to 'transparent' 
- Occasional missing entries from the search results
- The search results list gets focused on the first picture after navigating
  to a new page (changed to current)
- Back to home URL at last page opens in the same frame (changed to "parent")
- Opening old projects: Undefined variable: newDaysRef
- Opening old projects: Undefined variable: zipImages
- Opening old projects: Undefined variable: useSearch

Turtle 3.5.2 August 30, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

New features
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery facetagging support
  • “Start slideshow” button has nicer animation and better readablity
  • Broken links with search results when “Make slides” is on
  • Direct linking to images is broken with “Make slides”
  • ZIPped album ended up in the wrong folder with “Offer download for the whole album”
  • Text bevel effect was too strong in some styles
  • Make slides automatically turned on when opening an old album
  • Added help for download as ZIP
  • Jeans styles’s folder and thumbnail background plates changed to light from dark
Please note
  • Turtle now can create slide pages too with limited functionality. These are useful
    for SEO purposes, because the high resolution images are placed on a separate HTML
    page and can be indexed easier. Being this a new feature which changes many things,
    can break some of the album functionality. Use with precaution and test.
  • If you want to play safe, disable the Make slides option on Settings / Pages /
    Advanced / Make slides
    – jAlbum might turn it on occasionally
  • This update brings a new method for image linking, therefore when you update albums
    made previously, make sure to regenerate all sub-folders.
    Settings / Advanced / Process subdirectories = ON
    Settings / Advanced / Process only updated subdirectories = OFF

Notes for Version 3.5.1

New features
  • Pinterest “Pin It” button now works with individual images too.
  • “Evaluation error on line 182:”
  • Tumblr button works on individual images

Notes for Version 3.5.0

New features
  • Pinterest’s “Pin It” button
  • Start slideshow text on the header received more contrast
  • Search box stays on after changing pages. Remembers window position and size.
  • Apostrophe in Home link causing javascript error
  • Navigation bar stays on after switch to Full Screen mode in FireFox
  • The “After last page” modal window is hidden in Full Screen mode
  • Modifications in the event system should result in lower memory use
    (important with IE, which does not recycle the unused memory properly)

Turtle 3.4.8 August 11, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

New features
  • Movable and resizable modal windows, e.g. the search results or help
  • Facebook commenting is placed below the theme image in vertically split layout
  • Better drop shadows on folder and top menu elements
  • Top menu ellipsis problem on Google Chrome
  • Broken links in search results to files with extended characters with URL-encode links on
  • Broken links to folders containing extended characters in top navigation and in Sitemap page
  • Missing modal windows (album info, at last page, search results, help) – fixed in 3.4.8
  • Broken Album info window – fixed in 3.4.8
  • Please note, I have removed the version 3.4.7, because that had a serious bug, so the release notes above contains the points for both versions.

Turtle 3.4.6 August 01, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

New features
  • Theme images in subfolders can have different height
  • You can use the same Theme image on all pages (in all sub-albums) as the one selected for the top level folder

Turtle 3.4.5 July 30, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

New features
  • Theme image heigth can be controlled separately for Pages (e.g. Contact)
  • You can use all four arrow keys when navigating through the thumbnails
  • Optional Full screen mode for slideshows
  • ESC key brings one level up from the index page
  • Clicking outside the images brings back the index page
  • New Google+ share button
  • New Portuguese translation by Luis Simas Menem
  • Pressing Enter on the index page did not always go to the selected image
  • Thumbnail scroller effect changed to “smooth” (previously “elastic”)

Turtle 3.4.4 July 19, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

New features
  • “New” mark can be relative to “Date taken” (Exif date) or “File modified”
  • Added CSS code box to apply CSS changes easily (and retain after skin updates)
  • Watermark position, strength and size controls added
  • If Title is the same as the Filename, no duplicate line appears in the Search results
  • Numpad * = start slideshow works from idex page too
  • Problem on some browsers with understanding the headline font
  • Shipping fee was missing if the first item in the shop options didn’t have shipping
  • Shipping used flat rate (shipping only added on the first item of the same picture)

Turtle 3.4.3 July 10, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

  • Missing Image caption, Thumbnail caption and Photo data templates on new albums

Turtle 3.4.2 July 9, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

New features
  • You can give a name to the “up link” (e.g. “All albums”)
  • ZIP originals or down-scaled images per folder and offer for download (not only the whole album)
  • Facebook commenting follows the chosen language of the album
  • The “up link” feature has been moved into jAlbum’s functionality, see on “Settings / Pages” panel.
  • Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet and Tumblr buttons removed from the individual images, because they were not referring to the image, but the whole album.
  • The default theme image size is 900x240px
  • Missing thumbnail of videos with “Link to originals” with no “Copy originals”
  • Bug with XLSX, DOCX, PPTX files
  • Facebook commenting might run out of the scroller area if there were no album images in a folder
  • Control bar graphics in Creme style broken
  • No comments when followed the link back from Facebook
  • French translation by Danamel
  • Korean translation by Jaehyung Lee, Hungarian translation
  • jAlbum will take over the old up link settings of Turtle.
  • ZIP originals works even if you don’t select the “Link to originals” or “Copy originals”.
  • The ZIP feature always creates (and Uploads) the ZIP files even if that’s unnecessary, because Turtle cannot detect if the files has changed. We might implement some change detection later. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Turtle 3.4.0 Jun 20, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

New features
  • Facebook Commenting
  • Visitors can download the whole album as ZIP
  • Controls should disappear quicker on touch devices
  • Videos did not scale to fit initially, only after clicking the fit/1:1 button
  • Thumbnail for sharing was not available when none of the sharing was selected

Please note, due to the fact the ZIP format does not store the Encoding (locale) of the file and folder names you might get broken file names (and albums) after extraction on Widows. Java encodes these names to UTF-8, which is used by OSX and Linux by default. Windows, however, is decoding them using the visitor PC’s locale (never UTF-8). We will create a little applet by which visitors can decode these ZIP files properly, but until then I suggest you to keep with simple ASCII file and folder names, and use the “Title” field in Edit mode to add accented characters. This method is more safe for using the album on the web too.

For the Facebook commenting feature you will need to create a new app on Facebook’s developer center: Copy the App ID in Turtle’s Facebook App ID box. You can use the same App ID on all pages of your site.

Turtle 3.3.5 Jun 1, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

New features
  • Headline font size can be controlled through the user interface
  • You can disable adding ALT tags to images (avoid search bots to pick keywords)
  • Automatic image correction filter
  • You can add custom code to the HEAD and BODY sections
  • Better “Stick controls to top” behavior
  • French and Hungarian translation

Turtle 3.3.4 May 29, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

  • Overlapping rows of folder thumbnails
  • Right-click protection on thumbnails too
  • Navigation bar looks broken in Gold style in IE8 and below

Turtle 3.3.3 May 25, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

  • Top navigation menu clipping
  • Filling the thumbnails into the scroller area on the index page instead of centering
  • Using only common.css (styles.css is integrated) to speed up page load
  • French and German translations
  • Turtle 3.3.2 May 23, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

    New features
    • Added base fonts to Headline font choice
    • Added link to sample fonts
    • Separate headline font (33 hand picked web fonts from
    • Occasional clipping on top ascents of web fonts
    • Added album name to Paypal / Google Checkout selling notifications
    • Control bar did not show up in IE8 and below (Modernizr library problem)
    • Korean, French and Hungarian translation

    Turtle 3.3.0 May 14, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

    New features
    • Fotomoto integration
    • Global font size setting
    • High(er) resolution poster images for audio and video players
    • You can change the order of thumbnail categories on the index page: folders / pages / images
    • After swiping right of the first image it has left positioned off-center
    • Names in facetagging were missing from the ALT tags
    • The interface language of the Paypal shopping cart has changed to British English when the currency is GBP (it seems to affect the shipping too)
    • TIF, TIFF has added as native image extension
    • Removed the unused currencies from shopping cart
    • Revised fonts stacks, thanks to and

    Turtle 3.2.0 May 03, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

    New features
    • Ability to move over the images larger than screen with the mouse, or with the arrow keys (useful for panoramic albums or originals)
    • Search finds all words independently, doesn’t require exact match
    • Shopping cart quantity reset to “0”
    • BMP files appeared as “other” file types, hinted to open with an external viewer

    Turtle 3.1.2 Apr 24, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

    • Missing folder thumbnail after the first “Make”
    • No duplicate Title in the search results if your Image caption template already includes the ${title}, ${fileTitle} or ${fileLabel} variables
    • Copying the folder thumbnails to “safe” place is not automatic, you have to select the “Copy folder thumbnails” on the Advanced panel, but with this setting on you might need to run “Make” twice to get the thumbnails copied.

    Turtle 3.1.1 Apr 20, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

    • Missing folder thumbnail in certain cases
    • Album background audio was broken
    • Shopping cart quantity might be 0 // fixed with a silent release on 04.21.
    • French translation by Danamel

    Turtle 3.1.0 Apr 18, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

    New features
    • Regions (Face tagging) support with site-wide search for names
    • Custom content can be added to an image either as “iframe”, a link to an external site or as custom html code
    • Added alt tags to thumbnails in order the search engines can pick up the captions, keywords and face tags
    • Quantity cap for shopping cart
    • Fit to screen works for videos, audios and custom content too
    • Added page templates for Sitemap, Contact and About page
    • Added real-time license checking in order to skip the nag screen for license owners
    • You can hide the “Start slideshow” button
    • Links to custom pages can be included in the thumbnail scroller area, below the folders
    • No broken thumbs from Password protected folders (the skin copies them to the index level)
    • Reorganized – hopefully more logical – skin settings
    • Control strip disappears much quicker
    • Smaller animated progress indicator
    • Made top navigation bar hidden by default
    • Broken links to GIF images when using Link to originals
    • Some validation errors
    • Background audio using album files don’t work
    • Custom background image placement was always left top

    Turtle 3.0.5 Mar 27, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

    • Hidden folders were visible in the navigation menus
    • Unnecessary refreshes in Google Maps

    Turtle 3.0.4 Mar 27, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

    • Paypal shopping cart quantity always sent as 1
    • Google Maps partly displayed sometimes
    • German translation

    Turtle 3.0.3 Mar 22, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

    New features
    • You can have the breadcrumb path displayed below the page title
    • Paypal shopping cart opened in the main window, replacing the album (not as a popup) on IE
    • Map did not display properly in certain circumstances
    • void “Help” link on pages without images
    • Preformat text and target=”_blank” in links might conflict
    • “Search…” placeholder text in the search box made translateable
    • French translation
    Known issues
    • Sending locale information to Paypal has implemented, though it doesn’t seem to accept

    Turtle 3.0.2 Mar 16, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

    New features
    • You can set the default visibility of the Photo data, Map and Selling photos panels, that is you can show them by default, the visitors don’t need to click the toggle button
    • You can skip the folders from the top navigation bar – useful if you have too many folders
    • Handling the folder descriptions (preformatting and using variables) is unified throughout the albums
    • Multi-line menus look better (don’t overlap the page title)
    • Map did not display in full width after hiding and showing the panel again

    Turtle 3.0.1 Mar 13, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

    This is a service release to fix some minor bugs.

    For the major release notes please refer to this post: Turtle 3.0.0 is out

    New features
    • You can skip the folders from the thumbnail list (if you prefer the top navigation bar)
    • Option to remove the “Help” link from the footer area
    • Top navigation bar was too deep on IE and FireFox
    • Links in folder descriptions got broken in the header
    • Replacing index.htt with your own caused an extra “index” link in the navigation bars
    • Control bar and panel background graphics could disppear and re-appear only after a page refresh
    • The logo in the top navigation could run out of the bar
    • French translation

    Turtle 3.0.0 Mar 2, 2012 Turtle.jaskin

    Turtle 3.0 with support for jAlbum’s new site-creating possibility. You can add now any html page to an album integrated seamlessly.

    Right-click anywhere in jAlbum, thumbnail mode, and select New Page. Name it as. e.g. Contact.htt, or whatever the purpose is. Double-clicking the icon will bring up a simple HTML editor where you can add HTML structure, while selecting Edit will offer you editing the Title and Comment (text content) of the page. These pages then become part of the album structure, and will appear in the top (or footer) menu bar.

    Please note, Turtle 3.0+ requires jAlbum 10.4 or newer in order the new features work.

    New features
    • Support for custom pages
    • Multi-level top navigation bar
    • Simple bottom navigation bar in the footer
    • Better vertically split index page mode
    • Updated icons and colors to improve the buttons visibility on the index page
    • Share button is integrated better with the other (Info, Search) buttons
    • Home button in the navigation bar
    • Search within custom pages too
    • Thumbnail captions can be placed below the thumbs (no only as tool-tips as before)
    • You can add a logo and use as Home link in the top navigation bar
    • Background image can be added to every style and you can position and tile whatever you like
    • Image count in footer can be hidden
    • Modified New date calculation is based on Exif original date (if found)
    • Search works with PNG and GIF files too
    • Partly cut off footer area in FireFox
    • Control bar did not disappear on touch devices
    • Too dark gradient on the theme image in IE
    • Folder image was re-generated with every Make unnecessarily
    • Map was bleeding on the right edge if the image width was too large
    • Text readability fixed with some styles
    • Choppy picture moving during swipe
    • Swedish, Hungarian, Italian, German, Finnish and Spanish translations
    • Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
    • Modifications of the skin are allowed.
    • To get rid of the nag screen you have to pay for a jAlbum Pro license.
    • The built-in video player has proprietary license, see