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Chameleon skin styles

A total of 33 styles plus 49 sub-styles. Click on the thumbs to see a working example!

Comments with links to hidden folders

Chameleon’s “Enhanced Picture” is a wonderful feature that allows for a more pleasing album look. It allows one picture to be displayed in large size for each folder, and is well documented in the Help.

The recent addition of a comment with the Enhanced Picture enables more artistic freedom; this tutorial presents a few interesting uses related to “hidden folders“. See the tutorial Hidden or Private Folders. The Enhanced Picture comment can be used as an effective “Folder Link” to part of an album that is (but does not have to be) excluded or hidden.


Creating complex albums, combining existing albums into one master album

Maintaining large albums and combining existing ones into one can be a bit more complicated. If you have a large number of albums already added to the site you might not want to rebuild the whole album again each time you add new albums. In this case you can handle the sub-albums individually and finally make a master album of all. This technique has some drawbacks though:

  • When creating the master album JAlbum does not process the sub-albums, thus cannot compute the number of images inside them. You will see: Trip to London (0 images).
  • You will have duplicate ‘guestbook’ folders in each subalbum — need to be managed individually.


Creating multi-language albums in Chameleon

Creating multi-lingual albums is pretty straightforward with Chameleon. Make sure you have Chameleon v4.10 at least (Settings / Chameleon / About).

1. Setup the album the usual way

2. Add comments

Add the comments (or descriptions of folders) and titles this way:

Default text - [en]English text[de]Deutsch text[it]Italian text

will result:

Default text - English text // on english page
Default text - Deutsch text // on deutsch page
Default text - Italian text // on italian page

or without using default:

[en]English text[de]Deutsch text[it]Italian text 

will result:

English text // on english page
Deutsch text // on deutsch page
Italian text // on italian page