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Sell your products with the help of Turtle skin

You might’ve missed it, but Turtle skin can be used to sell your photos or products too. To use this option you need to hold a Pro license or a Power storage account with jAlbum. Although the payment is routed through Paypal or Google Checkout, your customers don’t need to be signed up with these payment processors, they can simply use their credit card as well. Here’s how you can create an album with a shopping cart, and how the visitors see the process.

Creating the album

First collect the photos (of the products) you want to sell, and create a new album in the jAlbum application.

  • Add the photos by the Add button or by dragging them onto jAlbum
  • Choose Turtle skin
  • Add an image to be used as “Theme image” on the index page. Right-click → Use as folder thumbnail, and Right-click → Exclude
  • Switch to Edit mode (Pencil icon) and add captions to your items with the details of the product (you can use HTML code too in the captions)


Screen resolutions desktop background image

If you are a web designer, like me, you possibly often find your self wondering how your newly-designed webpage would look on different screen sizes. This lead me to make this practical screen background, by which testing the different screen resolutions is a snap: just adjust the browser size to the background grid.

Well, using a low resolution monitor might not optimal, but I assume once you’re a web designer you don’t struggle with a 1024×768 monitor. To tell the truth, my best investment was a second monitor recently. Now I don’t have to juggle with the hidden windows, just put the editor left, the test to the right, and no more switching after every step.

The image is 1920x1200px in size, which makes fit best for 1920×1080 or 1600×1200 monitors. If you have a bigger one, I can make it fit to that resolution.


Just click the download button above to open the PNG file in a new window, then right-click -> Save image as... Finally once it’s donwloaded right-click the file and choose Set as desktop background.

Legal: You can use this in your private and commercial projects but not allowed to redistribute it.