Monthly Archives: February 2012

AddHint plugin

With this plugin you can display tooltips on hovering an element. You are not limited to simple texts. You can use HTML formatting even in the title attribute. Or you can generate the content by javascript and pass to the plugin. The content can be aligned to the target’s any edge, and will make sure the popup not goes off-screen.

The popup will not go away as long as you hover the mouse over it, or an input element inside has focus. Will also take care of the touch devices, where no mouse leave event exists, and will fade the popup automatically after 3 seconds (configurable).


$(layer).addHint(content, { options });

Adding and updating translations in jAlbum

Making localized version of a skin is pretty easy in jAlbum. First make sure you are using the language: Tools -> Preferences -> Language and if using the latest skin version (

jAlbum has its own translation tool since version 8.11. Just fire up Tools -> Translator -> Translate selected skin if no translation exists yet, or Update translation otherwise.